manzanita (sunrise_raver) wrote in enidblyton,

Here's my list of Blyton that I have... I am prepared to loan out if you have something I'd like to read :)

Adventurous Four, The
Castle of Adventure, The
Children of Cherry Tree Farm, The
Family At Red-Roofs, The
Five Have A Puzzling Time and Other Stories
Happy Adventure Tales
Mischief At St. Rollos/ Children of Kidillin
Mountain of Adventure, The
Mr Galliano's Circus
Ring O'Bells Mystery, The
Rockingdown Mystery, The
Rubadub Mystery, The
Secret of Cliff Castle/ Smuggler Ben
Secret of Killimooin, The
Secret of Spiggy Holes, The
Stories For Bedtime

Inothernews - I have "Mystery of The Pantomime Cat" here if you're still interested!
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