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lashings and lashings of ginger beer
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You *never* have to grow out of reading Enid Blyton's. So there.

A world-wide community of all ages who grew up reading Enid Blyton books, such as school stories like Malory Towers and St. Clares; adventure stories like Famous Five, Secret Seven and the Five Find-Outers (and dog); magic stories such as Faraway Tree and the Wishing Chair and children's books such as Noddy.

We talk about a variety of subjects all relating back to Blyton books, from the light (which character did you most want to be to which food sounded the tastiest) to the heavier (dissecting racism and name changes in Blyton books).

(for those who do not know: Blyton was a prolific British children's author, who wrote during the 1930s through 1960s, writing about 800 books in total. Her most popular books mainly centered on young children, around the ages of 8-14, who all had wonderful adventures, whether is was foiling a smugglers' plot or visting a fairyland via a magical treetop.)

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